State Convention Rules Committee

The Rules Committee election was done separately because these positions were contested. The results:

Del: Brian Elliot, Kenya McKnight

Alt: Mike Davey, Edwina Garcia


State Convention Committes

Del: Karl Knutsen, Jettie-Ann Hill

Del: Tom Anderson, Alexandra Renslo
Alt: Vivian Klauber

State DFL Commissions

Affirmative Action:
Del: David Gilbert-Pederson, Vivian Klauber
Alt: Amanda Tempel

Del: Ziad Amre, Kelly O’Brien

Constitution & Bylaws:
Del: Jed Burkett, Jill Garcia
Alt: Rick Stafford, Faith Kidder

New Directors

Tom Anderson
Jay Damberg
George Kennedy
Elizabeth Kronstad Judge
Rhea Marrie
John Martin
Kenya McKnight
Stephanie Owen-Lyons
Sonal Patney
Kevin Shannon
Amanda Tempel
Elizabeth Young
Mary Whitney

Nominations report – Officers Elected

Nominations Committee recommends:

Chair: Heidi Quezada
Associate Chair: Jules Goldstein
Secretary: Vanessa Blomgren
Treasurer: Tom Hamilton
AA Officer: Eric Margolis

There was a motion to suspend the rules to elect the above. This passed, and they were re-elected.

Convention continues

– People are cheering the news of Tarryl Clark’s endorsement up in CD6.

– It’s good to see two of my favorite travelling chairs, Victoria Reinhardt and J.P. Barone, running the show.

Keith Ellison endorsed

Without opposition, Keith Ellison was just endorsed for reelection. Whatever happens in Washington, it’s always comforting to know we have a passionate advocate like Keith.